Flowers in a Teacup. Staiths Cafe, Monday 13th November 2017.

This event sold out in no time at all! Which surprised me no end!!

It was the first event I had done and I learnt A LOT from it. I might have forgotten to introduce myself to everyone before we started oops, but it soon became clear who I was, as I was handing out flowers, oasis and checking everyone had scissors.

I felt a bit like an unruly Mother at one point and I soon realised these ladies wanted to get going while I was still dishing everything out, which is fair enough. I offered very little guidance, just the basic principles really. However, when they had all finished I was amazed how well everyone had done! Judge for yourself from the pictures, I was very impressed, maybe even a little nervous for the competition haha!

It was a lovely atmosphere, great surroundings, amazing food and drink and a really nice group of ladies.

Thank you all x

Ps Another event is currently being arranged for this year, if interested please get in touch x

IMG_0426.JPGIMG_0427.JPGIMG_0422.JPGI turned up well over an hour early so decided to take in the view for a while, it is set in beautiful surroundings.IMG_0430.JPGIMG_0429.JPGIMG_0428.JPGIMG_0425.JPG


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