The Festival of Thrift.

Never in all my wildest dreams did I ever imagine having a stall here!

It’s an amazing day out for all ages and such a fantastic atmosphere with such an important message surrounding the whole event. I dragged along the husband, who did very well I might add.

We also had a visit from the lovely Max Mcmurdo who was kind enough to have his picture taken at my stall (excuse the face I’m pulling but I’m quite a fan of this man!) I had said to him how scared I was incase I didn’t sell anything, which he was lovely and reassured me that this is how us creative people think. Thankfully my worries were a waste of time as I did quite well in fact.IMG_0258.jpgIMG_0257.jpgIMG_1736.jpgThis lovely girl won the raffle and I feel she modelled the birdcage so well. And there’s the man of the show getting in on the action x

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