It’s been a busy old summer so far!

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated on here. It has been a busy old time in Flowers by Jo headquarters, aka a semi in Gateshead.

I’ve had a wedding which went so well I could have cried, these are the only pictures I currently have, awaiting the professional ones.IMG_0012.JPG

The bride’s cascading bouquet. The flower choice (which was the bride and groom’s) were amazing. They worked so well together and smelt amazing.FullSizeRender 7.jpg                                              A close up of the bridesmaid’s bouquet. I made them all so deep that they had hidden rubus peeping through. The White Scabiosa are now a firm favourite of mine, so delicate yet so powerfulIMG_0017.JPGThe Father of the grooms buttonhole. They were substantial but so effective. I had a big fear of the Birds of Paradise turning black due to the body heat, but I shouldn’t have bothered worrying.

IMG_0023.JPG   The table centre pieces, again the bride and groom’s choice and idea. I felt that they worked perfectly. I loved how the flowers could be seen inside the vase and how they burst out of the top of it.


Here is one of two of the designs on driftwood. It sat in Gibside during the ceremony and was then transported to Langley Castle where they sat on the top table. Since I have been making designs on driftwood I have had a vision of them being on a top table at a wedding, so happy.


I wish the happy couple all the best and thank them so much for letting me be a part of such a special and beautiful day x


Fast forward a month and here we have the professional photographs from the very talented David E Williams. A huge thanks to Nuala and Oli for letting me be part of such a special and beautiful day xIMG_0171.jpgIMG_0173.jpgIMG_0169.jpgIMG_0170.jpgIMG_0172.jpg

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